Get answers to the most frequently asked questions:


What is Color Street?

Color Street is a collection of nail colors and designs made of 100% real nail polish in a mostly-dry form. With base, color and top coats all in one, you simply apply them directly to your nails without any tools or equipment.


How long do Color Street nails last?

Color Street nails are amazingly durable. They typically last 10 to 14 days with normal wear.


Are they new strips?

We sell only brand new, unopened Color Street nail polish strips.


I thought Color Street products can only be purchased through its network of salespeople called “stylists”.

Not so. Like many other goods, Color Street products can be bought and sold in any number of ways. We provide another option for you to shop Color Street nails at an amazing price.


But Color Street has a policy of prohibiting the sale of their strips on websites like this one.

It’s true that Color Street stylists must agree not to sell on other websites. However, we are not affiliated with Color Street and are not bound by this agreement. That’s great news for you!


Help, I can’t find the Color Street style I’m looking for!

While we make every effort to keep most styles in stock, sometimes we just sell out. We are constantly replenishing our inventory so if you don’t find a particular style, be sure to check back often.